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What to expect from a service

Nestled in the centre of Roseneath is the Anglo-Catholic Church of St Barnabas. Conveniently located near the No.14 bus stop on Maida Vale Road, our church welcomes people from all age groups and backgrounds. Our services are centred around the Mass, and our small choir fills our church with joyful song.

Roseneath locals, along with members of the wider Wellington community, and visitors to the area, are always welcome to join us for services on Thursdays and Sundays. You'll be welcomed by our warm and friendly parishioners and our Vicar. After our Sunday service you'll get the opportunity to chat with other attendees over a morning tea of wine, filter coffee and nibbles. 

We're currently searching for a new permanent Vicar. In the meantime we are in the capable hands of Fr Stephen King, Archdeacon of Wellington, with the assistance of our Wardens, Associate Priests, Fr John Mullis and Fr David Tannock.

Special services

Our church is available for weddings, funerals, Rite of Reconciliation and Baptisms, and Home communions can also be arranged. Please contact us to enquire about these services and they will be forwarded to Fr Stephen King. Alternatively, you may contact him directly at St Peters on Willis:

Enjoy a moment of quiet reflection

If you're looking for a calm and peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to pray or simply enjoy some quiet time, our church is open to members of the public every day from 9am until 5pm. 

Appreciate our beautiful building 

If you're visiting the area be sure to pop in to our church to enjoy and photograph it's beautiful architecture and stained glass windows. We'd love to hear where you're from and what you think of our church, so please fill in our visitors book which is located just inside the church entrance. 

Our weekly services:

  • Sunday 8.30am - Contemplative Holy Communion

  • Sunday 10.00am - Sung Mass

  • Thursday 6.00pm - Said Alternative Mass


Where to find us:

15 Maida Vale Road

Support us

Help preserve our church

Donations towards the upkeep of our church are always welcome. You can show your support for our church by making a one-off donation or by becoming a Friend of St Barnabas.

The Friends of St Barnabas Roseneath Charitable Trust (FoSB) is registered with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

Since our establishment in 2004 we have raised over $640,000 through charitable donations, fund-raising activities and grants to fully restore our Church bringing it back to life and making it a valuable part of the Roseneath community. Further funds were raised in 2018 to re-roof the church nave and repaint the building.

Now that the church is fully restored, fundraising is now focused on ensuring our church has sufficient funds to cover the annual maintenance programme, keeping it in its fully restored state and ensuring it meets all current building code requirements now and into the future.

We'd like to thank those who have donated to our cause over the years, and ask others with an interest in maintaining, preserving and retaining the church to make a donation, however big or small. Your support will benefit the future generations of Roseneath residents.

You can find out more about those who have supported the church over the years in our 2017 book, ‘The Restoration of St. Barnabas Church’ which is available for purchase in printed or digital forms. Please contact us for more information. 

Become a friend

If you would like to provide ongoing support towards the upkeep and restoration of our church, then why not make an annual donation of $10 and become a Friend of St Barnabas? If you're keen to become a part of the FoSB community, then please contact us to let us know your details and your plans to subscribe and make an annual donation. Then simply make your donation via direct bank transfer into the Friend's of St Barnabas (FoSB) bank account, details of which can be found below. Full tax receipts are available upon request. 

Make a one-off donation

To make a one-off donation, please contact us to let us know your details, your plans to make a one-off donation, and an indication of the amount that you would like to donate. Then, simply make your donation via direct bank transfer into the Friend's of St Barnabas (FoSB) bank account, details of which can be found below. Full tax receipts are available upon request. 

Friends of St Barnabas Roseneath Charitable Trust
Westpac Bank
Bank account number: 030515-0501066-00